The town of Kel-Almar lies Deep in the Red Wastes Desert with a single road leading to it and no suitable land for farming. Its only water supply is a mill that draws water from the ground using a complex system of pipes which is then delivered to various reservoirs in town and can then be distributed to the public.
The nearby Firestone mine is the main source of its wealth and the town’s main reason for existence. Many traders risk the perils of travelling to Kel-Almar with food, water and other commodities to exchange for as many Firestones as they can. Despite its location and strange history, it is a fairly prosperous town.
Kel-Almar is said to have been built on the ruins of the ancient city Menouthis. Stories tell of a mad wizard who 2000 years ago, attempted to become immortal using the entire population of Menouthis as a huge sacrifice to the Dark Gods. No one knows what happened to the wizard and whether he succeeded or not but all can agree that around that time, the city was destroyed in a freak sandstorm. The only structure to remain standing was the Temple of Seth, which is said to be buried somewhere beneath Kel-Almar.
Every year on the night of the Blood Moon, the inhabitants of Kel-Almar have a great feast. An offering of blood, food, water and gold is left at the Black Obelisk in the centre of town. People remain indoors and a lock of baby hair is hung outside each home or business to ward off evil spirits.
Anyone crazy enough to be outdoors during this time claims to have witnessed strange things. The streets full of spirits running panicked in random directions. Long lost loved ones and relatives returning to them. Many who ventured outside in the night disappeared completely. Thankfully all spirits, along with the offering, vanish by sunrise the next day.

The Red Wastes

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